Wear Particle Analysis2014 was a great year for Trico, and its distributor partners. One area where our teams have excelled is in international business development. Trico has truly gone worldwide with great products and in-plant services. With the beginning of a new year, so also begins a new cycle of measurement and improvement. Trico will roll out improvements at different times in 2015 which promise to be very exciting.

Sales Support

Trico is a supporter of the distribution partner, in 2015 we’ll start doing some things a bit differently in order to continue that support. As of January 1st we will no longer provide end user purchase of products via the website. This is to further solidify Trico’s commitment to distributors, and to provide more streamlined services which should lead to better delivery and support. Trico will launch a new “Authorized Distributor Program”, which will include better marketing assets as well as more information for distributors to share with end users. Trico has added sales and marketing support staff to improve communications with distribution partners. In addition a new distributor section will be added to the added to the website where partners can easily get connected with slide shows, videos, up-to-date pricing, product information sheets and other important information.

Product Support

Thanks to critical operations staff and key distributor support Trico had a great product year in 2014. This is expected to continue in 2015 with additional production staff and continued refinement of production processes to maximize efficiencies. This translates into better delivery of Trico products to end users via distribution partners. Trico has amazing products that literally save companies millions of dollars in lost time and productivity and so seeing the expansion of products sales in 2015 is only natural.

In-Plant Consulting

In 2015 Trico will continue to offer Lubrication Program Support through our technical consultants who work directly with our distribution partners in support of increasing asset reliability for customers. With the global industrial processing and manufacturing sectors continuing to increase their focus on asset reliability, implementing a holistic lubrication management program has become a critical component. Gone are the days where companies can buy their way out of equipment failures. Extending the life of lubricants and critical equipment is no longer a nice to have it is a need to have. In 2015 companies are taking stock in full implementation of best/preferred practices focused on storage and handling, contamination control, equipment re-lubrication, and monitoring through an effective oil analysis program. Trico has experts in the field who can support and help develop a program to suit specific lubrication program needs, identify and implement solutions helping companies achieve their goals.


Trico has upgraded internal equipment to be able to deal with the ever growing need for technology. Oil analysis customers are requiring data in increasing increments and are willing to shop around to get answers quickly. Trico recently upgraded internal servers and will continue to work towards the technological needs of customers in 2015.
Trico has also integrated social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin into the team structure so please like, follow, and share your success stories with us there.

Distributor Conference

Trico will provide training opportunities like never before at the 2015 annual conference, held September in Wisconsin Dells. We hope that each year this session improves with multiple tracks of training for those in business development, maintenance consulting, and end user support. Watch for more information as it becomes available.
So you see Trico understands that the needs of business are constantly changing and maintains improvement processes which assures to be supportive to distribution partners and end users.
Everything Trico does from the key going into the lock at our front door, to assisting end users with an installation is designed to exceed the expectations of customers.
How will Trico or Trico products help to improve your 2015? We’d love to hear about it. Connect with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin today!



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