Oil Level Monitoring and Consumption

Sensei Real-Time Lubrication Intelligence

What if you could sense what’s happening inside your equipment without physically going to the machine? 

Lubrication tasks can be pushed to the backburner when maintenance crews are jammed up. With Sensei Real-Time Lubrication Intelligence, you can check easily check all your equipment for proper oil level in seconds. Or even better, be contacted only when an oil level changes past your parameters. This prevents potential lubrication issues on the equipment not being attended to.  

What Does It Do?

  • Provides real-time oil level
  • Monitors fluctuations in oil consumption due to unnoticed oil leaks
  • Cloud based based oil level monitor
  • Monitors equipment oil levels in real time
  • Allows your crew to focus high priority tasks than walking around a lube routes with an oil can
  • Allows you to trend consumption by application
  • User friendly layout and interaction
  • Predicts days remaining until empty
  • Flags concerning conditions
  • Keeps tabs on historically problematic equipment and alerts on new bad actors

Who Wants It?

  • Maintenance Managers working with reduced staff
  • Current and post COVID 19 crews with maintenance order backlogs
  • Widespread plants with many pieces of equipment that use oilers to lubricate critical equipment
  • Plants with oil lubricated equipment in difficult to reach locations or locations that are safety conscious
  • Customers looking to correlated information to predict failures

What Does It Do?

Watch this short video to see how Sensei® Real-Time Lubrication Intelligence helps keep equipment running in a plant.

Want More on Sensei?

Get more information on the Sensei Product family by visiting the specifications page.

Play in The Sensei Sandbox

We invite you to play around in the Sensei Sandbox, the dashboard that comes with the system. You can see what you can monitor and get a better sense of how you might use the data.