Wear Particle Analysis

Using Ferrographic technologies, Trico provides the world’s most effective wear and debris particle analysis programs. Highly skilled laboratory technicians extract, classify, and visually analyze wear particles and solid contaminants.

Wear particle analysis is a powerful technique for non-intrusive examination of oil-wetted parts of a machine. The particles contained in the lubricant carry detailed and important information about the condition of the machine.

This information may be deduced from particle shape, composition, size distribution, and concentration. The particle characteristics are sufficiently specific so that the operating wear modes within the machine may be determined, allowing prediction of the imminent behavior of the machine.

Ferrographic analysis prevents catastrophic equipment failure through timely and accurate prediction of abnormal or critical machine wear. Trico’s Ferrographic services, Direct Reading Ferrography, and Analytical Ferrography, saves you time and money by:


Identifying lubricant contamination problems before costly damages occur


Helping maintenance personnel monitor component deterioration to get maximum use out of wearing component without risking secondary damage


Predicting potential failure earlier, so maintenance personnel can schedule timely repairs without negatively impacting production schedules


Reducing parts inventory and routine preventative overhauls through early predictions of wear that accurately identifies wearing components

Direct Reading Ferrography magnetically separates wear particles and optically measures the quantity of large and small particles present in the oil sample. Results from Direct Reading Ferrography indicate the rate, intensity and severity of wear with these measurements, machine wear baselines can be established and trends in wear conditions can be monitored. If there is a significant increase in the wear trend levels, a detailed Analytical Ferrography should be performed.

When Direct Reading Ferrographs and/or other analysis indicate abnormal wear, Trico’s Analytical Ferrography can further pinpoint its source and the specific type of wear. Our skilled analysts will extract, classify and visually analyze wear particles and solid contaminants. Particles are examined under a powerful optical microscope to determine the size, concentration, color, shape and particle composition. Results received from Trico’s Analytical Ferrography provide for the application of timely, corrective maintenance, based on a machine’s actual condition.

Stop doing Oil Analysis . Start doing Oil Intelligence!

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