Bill-MitchellSmall.JPGRecently SE Wisconsin business blogger Bill Mitchell wrote about how Trico is keeping up with the internet-of-things on his blog, ConversActions™.
Bill has been involved in business for more than 35 years and has a highly successful client list that ranges from food and beverage to not-for-profit companies.
The post outlines the 2008 Trico acquisition of an oil analysis laboratory in Cleveland, OH. How Trico was successful in bringing that business back to Pewaukee under the Trico Corporation brand. The post goes on to discuss the history of Trico and in a big picture kind of way, the upside for Trico’s future. Trico’s oil analysis business possesses data from 2 million oil samples and has 65,000,000 individual pieces of data that it uses to assist customers in their fight against critical equipment failure.
“Trico will remain a leader in technology in all of its business endeavors today and in the future” said President and CEO Robert Jung.
You can read the blog post here.

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