Meet The Team

International Team

German Uzcategui

german German (pronounced “herr-MAHN”) is a leader in the area of international business development for thirteen years. German spends most of the day working in multiple time zones helping companies implement and execute strategies to achieve sustainable growth. German also works to further clarify Trico’s understanding of international customer requirements for products and services and continuing synergy between US exporters and international customers. Germain is fluent in Spanish, English and proficient in Portuguese. German is available to assist any prospects looking to understand Trico’s offering outside of the US.

Contact German: Cell: 262.794.2005


Pedro Perez

Pedro brings more than ten years of experience in business development and customer service to the Trico international team. His primary focus is to build awareness on Trico’s unique offerings among current and prospective customers throughout Latin America. Pedro is responsible for account management and coordination and is excited to help you stay current on industry trends, new products and innovative solutions. Pedro is available to assist customers and prospects in Latin America and Europe.

Contact Pedro: Cell: 262.443.3352


U.S. and Canada Team

Mike Gauthier

MGMike has more than twenty years of industrial sales, service and marketing experience. For the past ten plus years as a member of the Trico team Mike has successfully worked with customers to implement holistic lubrication management programs aimed at achieving their reliability goals. Mike relies on his extensive experience working in a variety of industries specifically; Power Generation, Chemical Processing & Refining, Pulp & Paper, Water & Waste Water, and Food & Beverage. Contact Mike to discuss any product or service that Trico offers or to begin the conversation about lubrication management and your company.

Contact Mike: Cell: 440.479.1532



Lisa Cosson

Lisa has served Trico for more than twenty years in business development and customer service. Lisa will go the extra mile to make sure customer needs are met. On a typical day, Lisa provides price quotes, order entry, product availability and delivery, and warranty repair processing. Contact Lisa to discuss sales and service questions, concerns, or to renew your relationship with Trico.

Contact Lisa: Phone: 262.691.9336, ext 405



Barbara Rossi

Barbara has more than twenty-five years of inside sales experience managing a variety of distributor and end-user accounts. Barbara is responsible for price quotes, order entry, product availability and warranty repair processing. Barbara works hard to resolve problems that may arise during the processing of customer orders by serving as a liaison between the customer, production, and shipping. Contact Barbara for pricing, delivery, or with a product warranty concern.

Contact Barbara: Phone: 262.691.6306



Jill Tomfohrde

Jill shares ten years of distributor, catalog, OEM and end-user account knowledge with each customer she works with.
Jill impresses customers through consistent communication and project management. She is responsible for price quotes, order entry, product availability and delivery, and warranty repair processing. Contact Jill if you are an international customer with Trico or if you have an active project in our system that requires expert service.

Contact Jill: Phone: 262.691.6312



Amanda Scott

Amanda uses her 25 years of sales and service experience to assist Trico customers when they are looking to place an order or have any issues. Amanda has excellent project management skills and deep knowledge of lubrication management. As an expert on Trico products Amanda is ready to assist you.

Contact Amanda: Phone: 262.691.6312