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German_UzgateguiToday it’s a sugar processing plant in the flats of Peru, tomorrow it could be the world’s largest copper mine or a large paper pulp mill in Chile. German Uzcategui, one of Trico’s experts, can be in many locations in a short period of time. German is working to help educate manufacturers, miners, maintainers, and executives on the impacts of lubrication management programs. Programs that add value to their bottom line. German does this because he knows these programs save money through critical equipment uptime, and resources via more efficient use of man-hours for maintenance of the most critical of machines.

In some cases it could be keeping lubricants cleaner by sealing up pump systems from external contamination, and in others it could be greasing a chain drive conveyor system with automatic grease dispensers.

In the coming months, Trico’s lubrication management solutions will be found in a large specialty paper and fiber production facility where automated lubrication solutions are needed to prevent costly downtime. A comprehensive lubrication management strategy will also keep the right lubricant in the right applications. This strategy will greatly extend the life of the lubricant which will help maximize budgets and extend oil change intervals.

Trico products and services will assist one of the world’s largest copper mines by outfitting their oil analysis laboratory with Trico’s ferrography technology and training. This solution will let them process hundreds of oil samples in-house each day, allowing their team to diagnose and properly treat the problems in critical equipment. In addition, the customer was experiencing severe problems with contamination on their hydraulic units and tanks where Trico’s filtration products will extend the life cycle of lubricants. The mine also has large conveyor systems which will be maintained with Trico’s automatic grease dispensers. The benefits are in uptime and increased available man hours for the maintainer which will save hundreds of thousands of dollars. The mine’s water supply and treatment division is earmarking resources by switching more than 1300 pumps from open oilers to closed system oilers and adding contamination control products for the rest of their systems. By looking at doubling the time between oil changes in pump applications more savings will be realized. Due to the high danger of the working environment and the fact that to perform manual lubrication the plant has to shut down, lubrication is not being performed consistently and correctly. This is where Trico’s products hit their sweet spot by automating greasing which prevents plant shutdown. In this client application, Trico’s products and services are working for both sides of the equation, reducing cost, and increasing production.

Trico’s solutions are not limited to one geographical location, nor are they limited by applications, industry, or environments. If you feel like your maintenance programs are limited by procedures and practices that are not optimized for savings or efficiencies give one of Trico’s team of distributors a call, or request an in-plant assessment. Trico’s comprehensive Lubrication Solutions have uncovered millions in wasted resources and man-hours.

  Contact Trico to learn more about lubrication management best practices and how to put them to use in your company. Call 262-691-9336.



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