Lubrication Management / Oil analysisTrico is committed to providing the best service and delivery to its customers. This time around it’s updating and upgrading its machine shop to provide better cycle times, faster set-ups, and more reliable parts manufacturing. Trico has upgraded its machine shop by adding two additional 4 axis machining centers. The two new centers are designed to provide faster cycles on the parts that Trico machines from stock. These faster cycles will provide more capacity in terms of the number of parts per hour that are possible. The additional machining centers are built to include things like live tooling and additional quick change tooling to provide much faster set-up times compared to its other machining centers.

The set-up time on the new machines could be up to 50% faster, which means substantial productivity gains over time. Keeping movements of the tooling and operator touches to a minimum will provide a leaner process throughout the process from raw materials to finished parts.

Trico machinists and supply chain personnel studied the configuration of the shop floor as well, they were able to re-position the machines to provide an optimized layout, and this contributes to lean manufacturing by decreasing the movement of machinists on the shop floor itself. The expanded capabilities means that over time the options and opportunities for Trico will continue to grow.

Have you taken a look at the full spectrum of products that Trico can offer? When your customers repair or replace machining centers it is the perfect time to integrate new lubrication products like Trico dispensers or our line of coolants/lubricants.



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