Lubrication Excellence by Trico

Your Path to Lubrication Excellence

Temperature, pressure, contaminants, aeration, water, metal particles, and agitation all help to accelerate the oxidation process (destruction) of the lubricant. Combine that with the destructive nature of solid particles trapped between rolling elements, raceways and gear teeth, and emulsions created (lack of lubricating properties) by ingested water will ultimately result in the sacrifice of equipment performance and reliability. Mitigation of these conditions is not only possible, but leads to more upside in the bottom lines of nearly every organization that has implemented a gearbox lubrication management program.

Proper gearbox lubrication means:

  • Maintaining headspace quality
  • Operating within the designed operating conditions
  • Use of dedicated and/or portable filtration for contamination control
  • A competent oil analysis program for maintaining the specific physical, chemical and cleanliness standards throughout the life of the lubricant.

Gearbox lubrication is only the beginning. Every aspect of the process from bringing lubricants into storage to adding them to the equipment and beyond can benefit from best practice utilization. Smart maintainers have explained this to us in great detail and we’ve been able to take nearly 100 years of industrial experience and boil that down to exactly what works in every situation. When you put your trust and confidence in Trico, you’ve made a choice to the up-side that will make your industry competitors think you’re moving to the next level.

In reality you have.

The crystal clear bottom line will be increased company profits by maintaining the functionality of the equipment for production.

Contact a business development member of the Trico team today to start to learn more about lubrication management practices that can elevate your maintenance operation to a new level.



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