FAQ: Spray Cooling

What is the maximum viscosity for coolant that can be used with the siphon spray coolant systems?

We do not recommend anything with a viscosity of higher than 100 SSU @ 100 degrees Farenheit in our siphon spray coolant systems. Although these units may dispense fluids with a higher viscosity than this, they are not recommended.


Are the nozzles for the siphon type system interchangeable with the pump system type?

No. The pump system type require pressure tipped nozzles.


What is the difference between a siphon system and a pump system?

As the name indicates, the siphon systems use air pressure to draw liquid to the nozzle tip, therefore, there will be some lag time with the siphon type unit. The pump systems use a pump to force the fluid to the nozzle tip, therefore, immediate or near immediate delivery of the fluid is achieved.


How much vacuum does each siphon spray system draw?

The vacuum is measured in inches, the following is the inches of vacuum for each unit:

  • Spraymaster II – (18)
  • Spraymaster – (7-10)
  • Lil’ Mister – (6-7)
  • DL – (18)
  • Spraymaster SS – (7-10)

How much liquid does each siphon system draw?

With shop air of 80-90 PSI and the air & liquid knobs turned open one complete turn, the liquid draws for each siphon spray system are as follows:

  • Spraymaster II- 0.2 gallons per hour
  • Spraymaster- 0.15 gallons per hour
  • Lil’ Mister- 0.1 gallons per hour
  • DL- 0.4 gallons per hour, when reservoir is above or level with nozzle 0.25 gallons per hour, when reservoir is below the nozzle
  • Spraymaster SS- 0.15 gallons per hour
  • SST- 0.06 gallons per hour

Why do I get a sputtering or drip rather than a spray on the DL unit, when I try to adjust the unit for low fluid flows?

This is a simple siphon system. The air adjustment is controlling the amount of fluid that is drawn from the reservoir. The amount of fluid being drawn from the reservoir is affected by where the reservoir is located, it requires more air to make the draw if the reservoir is located lower than the nozzle. We also have a similar type product, DL Magnum, which has both air and liquid adjustments. Reservoir positioning will also affect the unit's delivery.


How many solenoids does a Spraymaster II have?

The single line Spraymaster II has two solenoids. The two line Spraymaster II has three solenoids. In each unit, one solenoid is used for the air line and all other solenoids are used for the liquid lines.


What is the maximum operating temperature for the P12-A and HV-2100 control valves?

The maximum operating temperature on these units is 150 degrees Farenheit. This is due to the nylon tubing.


Is a regulator required on the air line supply to the MD-1200?

It depends on the air pressure you have going into the unit. If air supply pressure is between 60 to 125 PSI then no regulator is required. If shop air pressure is higher than 125 PSI then a regulator would be required to bring the pressure down to our recommendation of between 60 to 125 PSI.


Can the flexible hoses, such as H-408 be used with fuel oils, such as gasoline, kerosene or diesel fuel?

No. The hoses are made for use with lubricating oils. Fuel oils such as these will deteriorate the hose.