FAQ: Liquid Level Gauge

How do you size a liquid level gauge for an application?

Determine the level range to be monitored, locate inlet fitting in relation to the range, and subtract the difference for the sight size.

What is the maximum viscosity oil that may be used in a liquid level gague?

As with all Trico products, temperature plays a major role in maximum viscosity. Nothing higher than 50W (2000 SUS @ 100ºF) should be recommended.

What is the maximum distance between a liquid level gauge and a drum?

The liquid level gauge can be mounted an unlimited distance from the drum by using tubing, however, the tubing must be level.

Can a liquid level gauge be mounted higher or lower than the drum outlet and still be effective?

It can be mounted lower than the drum outlet and still be effective. If it is mounted higher than the drum outlet, monitoring of the level, below the bottom of the gauge is not possible.