I have a down stream filter already. Do I need this and a Watchdog Desiccant Breather?

Harmful contaminants, both abrasive particles and water, enter an enclosed system from three sources:

  • Built In: this is debris from manufacturing and service of the equipment. It includes dirt and dust, burrs, contaminated fluids, etc.
  • Generated: such as mechanical wear, additive precipitation, hose fibers, etc.
  • Ingested: which enters the tank or reservoir from the atmosphere. The breather prevents the ingested material from entering the tank and causing harm to the fluids and the equipment. The down stream filter removes contaminants that are already in the system before they do additional harm.

Why do I need this Watchdog Desiccant Breather? My reservoir already has a vent cap.

Most standard breather caps are intended to cover the filler opening on a tank or reservoir to keep out rain and large solid particles. Most of these are only capable of stopping particles of about 100 micron or larger. Studies have shown that to have a significant effect on abrasive wear, particles of 10 micron or less must be kept out of the system. Watchdog breathers remove particles of 2 micron and larger before they cause the silent destruction of your equipment. Most importantly, standard filler/breather caps do not remove airborne water vapor that causes chemical and physical changes resulting in loss of additive performance, sludge, bacteria growth, and corrosion. Watchdog breathers remove water vapor before it enters the tank or reservoir.