Don’t Assume New Oil is Clean

Drum Pump with Electric Motor

When receiving new lubricant, a lot of people assume that it is suitable for use. 

The unfortunate reality is that new oil often arrives in questionable condition. Out of 1,000 recent new oil samples we tested in our lab, 45% rated marginal or critical in terms of water or particulate contamination. 

In other words, nearly half the oil arrived in a condition that could quickly put critical equipment at risk of failure. 

The good news is that water and  particulate contamination can be effectively controlled with a Trico’s Drum Pump Filtration System. It is a powerful tool to keep the oil clean from damaging contaminants. Not only will you reduce contaminants, you’ll increase your equipment’s reliability and also see a reduction in overall maintenance costs. Trico’s Drum Pump Filtration System will quickly put you on the path to improved lubrication. 

Get Help Looking at Potential Contamination 

A complimentary oil analysis by Trico can help you determine whether water and particulate are getting into your oil – and whether the Drum Pump Filtration System is a perfect solution. Request your complimentary oil analysis from Trico today.