Gear Graphic Improved Component Life Desiccant Breather

Improve equipment component life and operating efficiencies

Reduced Costs Desiccant Breathers

Overall reduction in parts and labor costs

Increase uptime desiccant breather

Maximize equipment uptime

minimize lubricant consumption desiccant breather

Minimize lubricant consumption, waste, and environmental impact

reduce failures desiccant breathers

Reduce repeat failures and downtime

Why do you need desiccant breathers?

Protect your equipment from particulate and moisture ingression

new oil truck desiccant
New Oil

of new oil does not meet cleanliness requirements of the equipment


of machine wear is attributed to contamination of the lubricant


of bearings do not reach their life expectancy due to contamination

choosing a Desiccant breather

Not all desiccant breathers are created equally

Desiccant breathers are not created equally, so when it comes to choosing the right one for your application, there’s going to be a few key factors that’ll you need to consider. These key factors will ensure you choose a desiccant breather wisely. Watch our short video to learn the differences between the types of desiccant breathers.

Watchdog Desiccant Breathers

Watchdog Desiccant Breathers
Watchdog Extreme Humidity Breathers
Watchdog Extreme Humidty Breathers
Watchdog Guardian Desiccant Breather
Watchdog Guardian Desiccant Breathers
Watchdog Oil Dryers
Watchdog oil

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