Lube Room

Lube rooms are becoming an essential part of industrial lubrication. As companies realize that lubrication management is essential to maintaining a lean environment they are noting that savings can help take the place of revenue when thinking about the bottom line.

Maintaining a world class lube room is the first place to consider the opportunities for savings over time.

Trico’s lube room products assist you in the following ways:

  • Bulk Oil Storage – Tanks provide you with clean, safe, and secure storage that is easily accessible
  • Color Coding – Getting the right lube in the right place starts with color coding. Trico offers several products from tags, grease gun, and oiler rings to make sure things are clearly marked
  • Drum Pumps and Filter Pumps – provide a number of options to get your lubrication from the barrel to the transfer container while removing contaminants at the same time
  • Transfer Containers – Trico’s Spectrum Brand Containers offer ergonomic and virtually spill proof transfer with color coded lids and various spout sizes to control flow
  • Spectrum Oil Containers in Storage Cabinet
  • Bulk Oil Storage System
  • Drum Pump Filtration System in Lube Room
  • Hazardous Waste Area
  • Lube Room Design


»  Learn about how Trico can help build & implement a lube room to fit your plant’s needs.