Chain Drive lubrication is critical to the longevity and efficient operation of many applications driven by chains. Chains work because they are inexpensive to operate and maintain. Chains transmit force and motion, which means they are under stress and since they are moving parts, require regular lubrication in order to remain efficient. The methods normally listed are manual, drip, oil bath, slinger disk, and oil stream. Its well known that a properly lubricated chain will last up to 100 times longer. Trico products that can assist your chain applications:
Grease Applicators – Grease applicators typically are used for bearings attached by shafts to sprockets.
Gravity Feed Oilers – Drip, oil bath, and slinger discs are great for lubrication of chain drives.
Constant Level Oilers – Don’t forget to lubricate the gearboxes and rotating parts connected to the chain drives.

Chain Lubrication Photos

  • Grease Dispensers on Chain Application
  • Grease Dispensers at a Recycling Facility


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