Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps

A necessary tool for extracting an oil sample from the sample port, Trico’s Vacuum Pump is compact for ease of transport. When used in combination with a sample port adapter, flexible tubing, and a 4-ounce oil sample bottle the user is able to connect to any sample port for contamination free oil sampling in the most representative locations.

Trico also offers a heavy-duty Vacuum Pump model that includes a release valve.

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Vacuum Pumps

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Model No.DescriptionStyle
36800Vacuum PumpStandard
36801Vacuum PumpHeavy-Duty with Release Valve



  1. Jose Rolando Escaner


    Our lab bought these vacuum pumps from your UAE distributor.
    I would appreciate if you could give me operating and maintenance instructions for these pumps, including rubber O-ring ordering details.
    We will be buying more of these pumps to be distributed to our customer units for regular oil sampling tasks.

    We also bought a Pitot tube and we find it really difficult to use. Please send me also tips and instructions on how to install and make full use of these sampling tools.

    Thank you!

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